Jo-Anne Balchin – Director

Jo-Anne has been working within the Interior Architectural industry for 26 years & has built up a strong rapport with amazing suppliers, manufacturers and tradesmen over this time.

Jo-Anne has mastered several other languages early in her career including: ‘Tradie’, ‘Council Worker’ & ‘Very Nervous Client’, which of course has made communication during design projects much easier for Key Piece. Jo-Anne has worked commercially as well as residentially throughout Australia as well as on small international projects. Dedication to her client’s needs, strong leadership and great intuition has allowed large design jobs to flow flawlessly. With a wealth of experience, Jo-Anne’s love of Kitchen and Bathroom design has allowed her to shine, winning her multiple state and national design awards over the years.

Jo-Anne insists on maintaining a good work/life balance & having plenty of fun in her work. It is in maintaining good, respectful relationships with all parties involved, throughout the whole design process that has continued to attract such wonderful clients to Key Piece.



Emma Zovko – Senior Designer

Although sweet & petite, don’t be fooled! Emma has a very discerning eye, strong opinion and is ‘Key’ to keeping the design office organised. Emma has an integral role in all design decisions at Key Piece, having worked closely with Jo-Anne for 7 years. She is certainly the more classical & conservative component to Key Piece as opposed to Jo-Anne’s eclectic & eccentric. Together Jo-Anne & Emma are a well rounded, dynamic design team. With a previous background in soft furnishing, Emma brings her own set of valuable assets to Key Piece.


Key Piece Team - michael

Michael Peters – ‘The CFO’ (Honorary)

Book-keeping; administration; accounts payable & receivable; juggling, organising & checking orders; strategically keeping Interior Designers from over-spending AND primary carer of 2 awesome young boys, is there anything this man cannot do? He achieves all of this with ease and grace whilst performing advanced yoga poses. Yes, Jo-Anne married well. The End.