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Diana – Hawthorn

6th September 2013

Jo-Anne and Emma have provided me and my family with impeccable, unique and reliable design, furnishing and architectural service through the last 8 years, throughout 4 houses, with increasing complexity and scopes. They have also designed and sourced a number of furnishings for my home on an “as needs” basis. On each occasion the results have been fresh, astounding and ambitious while maintaining essential and surprising practicality such as hidden storage, electrical supplies, data fittings, heck, even an ironing board in a drawer! Well, I asked for the impossible… but they actually made it happen.

I have a young family but I love beauty and opulent design therefore most recently I asked Jo-Anne to design my house renovation so that we were able to live in a house which was cutting edge, beautiful, homely, easy to maintain AND easy to run. They did. But I believe they are unique in their end-to-end service given that they interview and source appropriate builders, suggest all fittings, furnishings to as much or as little detail as I wished and then indulged me while I changed my mind once or twice… or a few times. On many occasions we would traipse through lighting and tiling shops together given that I wasn’t confident that I could choose on my own.

Now, Jo-Anne and Emma are in the middle of constructing a massive renovation of my Victorian 1887 house which includes the construction of a massive second storey parent’s retreat and the replacement of the rear of the house. Truth be known, only the first four original rooms remain while the other rooms now make up bathroom and laundry and then there is a completely new kitchen, living, butler’s pantry, staircase, storage, storage, storage – oh, and a little hidden toilet. I have been amazed that as my friends ask me how my renovation is progressing, I can reply – “Fine! We are having so much FUN!!” And we are. I’m going to miss their phone calls, messages and e-mails. Well, we might just have to sell up and move on once this project is done. Except that it looks so beautiful! I might just have to stay in it for a few years and luxuriate….

I would recommend Jo-Anne, Emma and the Key Piece business to anyone except that might mean they become too busy for my next renovation so shhh!


Ian & Jackie – Beaumaris

4th September 2013

Jo-Anne is straight talking with a superb sense of humour and she tells you what will and will not work from the outset. Ours was a difficult house to work with and we also work from home. The “wow” factor for our kitchen never diminishes and it is a joy to wander into it each day.

The plans she provided for us were phenomenal, her attention to detail is incredible and she keeps on top of things and bugs you for decisions if she feels time is slipping by! Jo-Anne and Emma work like clockwork as a team and are wildly creative and make you think out of the box with regard to colours and textures.

We contacted Key Piece as we saw two fabulous kitchens she had also done for two of our friends. Now that ours is done, my colleague too has embraced Key Piece for her kitchen and laundry too.

It is a big expensive emotional thing having a total kitchen renovation and Key Piece are the ones that you need to hold your hand!

Natalie – Sandringham

4th September 2013

When undertaking our first home renovation, our first step was to engage the best team possible to avoid making costly mistakes. And I strongly believe that using Key Piece was the best decision we could have made.

From what started as some help designing my kitchen, it steadily grew into design and decoration advice for our entire house renovation. At every step of the process I felt that Jo-Anne quickly got an understanding of my needs and my style. When it came to choosing finishes, fixtures and furniture she gave me a selection of items to choose from, allowing me input without feeling overwhelmed.

All of the design was so practical and functional. As our first renovation project, I am certain that the process would not have been as enjoyable, and the end product would not have been the house that we dreamed of without Key Piece. I have no doubt of the time and money that we have saved by not having to source products and suppliers myself. I have recommended Jo-Anne to my friends many times – I wish I could do it all again!


Fiona – Middle Park

25th March 2013

“I imagine you are happily settled in your new office space. I’ve been meaning to send you some photos of the finished bathroom and staircase etc. We are so thrilled with everything. I just love the main bathroom-the red tiles are wonderful and really give it warmth and character. The room upstairs is a lovely quiet sunny space and we love retreating up there to read or listen to music- and cats spend most of the day sunning themselves up there and the bed that you designed looks great. The staircase is beautiful.”

Jean & Allan – Mentone

14th August 2012

What a lovely letter and how nice to hear about all your exciting news, both at home and in the business. We did have to chuckle that Emma had, (poor soul), to contend with the “client from Hell” Ha ha 🙂

We can’t believe that it has been a year since our fab kitchen has been installed. We love it and there is not one damn thing that we would change. It is much admired. Happy days. As co-incidence would have it, Anthony, the electrician, was here today and admired the splash back so much that he is considering putting it into his two town houses that he is renovating. Did you happen to see the copycats on ‘The Block’ that installed a similar splash back? Mmmmm….. sorry chaps Jo-Anne was there first!

Allan and I wish you and Michael the best of success in your business and new studio surroundings. It sounds as though it will suit the family down to the ground and we are looking forward to seeing your new web site when it is up and running.

6th March 2013

I’m just working in the kitchen and felt compelled to stop and tell you how much I LOVE my kitchen. It really is fab and has everything in the right place and makes cooking and even cleaning up a breeze. :-). Thank you team Key Piece.

How are you and the family? I trust all the kitchen renovation is finished and you weren’t the client from hell. ha ha. I hope your premises move has been a good one and that your business is going from strength to strength.


Nathan & Ann Marie – Yarraville

Email – 3rd May 2013

“I’ve just been looking at your beautiful designs again. They are so amazing. I love the attention to every little piece of detail- you were spot-on. We couldn’t have done it without you! THANK YOU x”

Testimonial – 3rd May 2013

“Here is a testimonial. I could write pages. Make changes where you want.
Involving Jo-Anne and Key Piece on our renovation was the single best thing we did. At first we were hesitant about going to the expense of getting an interior designer. We thought we could manage it ourselves. Oh how wrong we were!

Involving Joanne and Key Piece has saved us:
Money- having a clear, concise and seriously detailed plan has meant we haven’t had to make any changes throughout our renovation. Once you start construction the only person who benefits from changes is the builder. This is where most people go over their budgets by thousands.

Time- All our trades have had a crystal clear objective. Each has had a copy of the plans and instructions and has been able to carry out their jobs with ease and direction. The detail is so precise right down to the placement of the toilet roll holder.
Most importantly, they have given us a beautiful home- I have no doubt our home wouldn’t have the ‘wow’ factor it has if we didn’t enlist Jo-Anne and Key Piece. We would’ve have spent far more on the renovation and had a quarter of the results. Not only have they saved us time and thousands but they have given us more than we could’ve dreamt of for our home.
If you’re looking for a home that has all the ‘wow’ factors, unbelievable design elements that are timeless and elegant than you will not be sorry to have Jo-Anne and Key Piece on your team. After one meeting they ‘got us’ and went away and created the most amazing designs that blew out minds. We didn’t need to make a single change- and we’re picky.

Each and every day of managing our renovation I’ve thanked Jo-Anne for her amazing work. I honestly couldn’t recommend them any higher. We are so thankful and grateful.”

(Please note: we have cut and pasted the above letter exactly as Ann Marie it. It is extremely complimentary & actually made me blush. She would be very happy to talk to anyone that wants to call her! – Jo-Anne)