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interior design Brighton east

Binnie Street, Brighton East

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Imbros Street, Hampton

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Just as our clients’ in the Hampton home were about to build, they ask us to ‘cast an eye’ over the drawings to make sure everything worked properly. After a lengthy briefing session, we completely re-worked the house drawings, moving walls and recreating more interesting spaces. We incorporated lovely window seats; a functional butler’s pantry; a very interesting ensuite bathroom; a more functional walk-in robe and detailed all of the other rooms to make them work properly. We designed joinery throughout that was in keeping with the style our client had grown to love. She had multiple images in a scrapbook of houses she loved the feel of that she had compiled for a long time before the project.

Lang Street, South Yarra

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When a client is up for anything, so are we! Located in South Yarra, this client often had us laughing out loud during this project. The carpet in the living room, (not photographed), matched the Kermit green walls in the kitchen. How about the cool wallpaper in the powder-room & Raspberry walk-in robe? The kitchen was so compact and they were spitting their storage seams, so we designed the kitchen around the whole kitchen/dining area, using up every bit of space whilst still maintaining a lovely spacious & light interior. We even fit in a bi-folding mini-study. With 3 kids, that will be well used. All in all fun, funky inner-city living!

Kitchen design Sandringham

Miller Street, Sandringham

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It was a pleasure to work with such a lovely, warm client who loves to cook and feed people; (a girl after my own heart & true to her Italian roots). The problem was her existing kitchen was completely separated from the rest of the sociable areas. Whilst measuring the Sandringham space, we also realised that the existing walls were solid brick. It was worth a try to see if we could scrub back the bricks. They have added a rustic charm to the space not possible with standard splashbacks. The new space has an open, sociable layout which is more conducive to relaxed family gatherings.

Westbury Grove, St.Kilda East

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One of our specialties is trouble shooting existing working drawings for a client just before their builder starts. They know they need interior design help but they are also worried that they may not have enough storage space. In this case we completely re-jigged this St.Kilda East home. This in including the ensuite to fit in a walk-in robe that is now double the size. We completely re-worked the kitchen space to fit in the butler’s pantry that they were told was not possible. Completely changing the wet areas upstairs to fit in a separate powder-room along with a bath. We always recommend a bath in a house for re-sale, (never with a shower over the top if you can help it). Throughout this house, we added sneaky storage in task-oriented areas. This gave every item its own storage place and helping this busy family home to stay tidy.

kitchen design Brighton

Wallace Grove, Brighton

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Located in Wallace Grove, Brighton, this home was perfectly suited to our quirky clients who were very interested in contemporary form & function. It had an interesting blend of original Californian Bungalow with a still edgy 20 year old architectural extension. We didn’t want to offend the original house either, so we combined subtle Australian veneers with a more conservative flat alabaster door. We believe this combination created a timeless blend, whilst honouring our clients quirkiness. The existing architectural features that were staying in the home were the plywood flooring and squareset detailing. The added surprises included a red powder coated support post & a double-glazed tempered glass splashback behind the cooktop. This means they could blissfully watch their chooks run past as they cooked. With minor structural work, we transitioned a relatively dark U-shaped kitchen. We also added an oversized laundry and very compact dining room into a light-filled, user-friendly space.